Manage and track your products within global or local trade.


Take complete control of your deliveries with Scan-N-Track. Increase confidence and reliability, improve client relations, and decrease time and money from lost or stolen assets. Cut down on messy and cumbersome paperwork.

Our logistics scanners track consignment, cargo, and other assets with ease. Receive real-time updates via text message or email.

  • Monitor consignment through the different delivery stages 
  • Send customized updates to the delivery’s receiver
  • Send customized confirmation to the delivery’s receiver
  • Track confirmation of receipt
  • Trigger downstream actions based on the flow of goods.


  • Customize quickly and easily
  • Track goods, orders, consignments or project
  • Choose optional texting
  • Reap benefits with geolocation and geofencing
  • Run robust reports and export via Excel
  • Track delivery on the map
  • Track results with the Dashboard/Portal
  • Download data to your system via API
  • Scan without limits
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Reasonable Subscription rates
  • No Hardware, RFID or Chip needed
  • Download the free mobile app


  • Print the customized code or create a unique ID (using the invoice number, for example)
  • Setup any alerts when certain events occur.
  • Label the asset
  • Scan the label as the asset moves along its route
  • Scan-N-Track will monitor its location at all times