Track equipment locations without hardware and easily place equipment service calls.


Maintain an accurate inventory of your most valuable assets with Scan-N-Track.

Our scanners can track your equipment anywhere in the field. Use QR codes or create a Scan-N-Track Unique ID for each piece of equipment. View your equipment's current locations on a map. Receive real-time updates by text or email.

Stop wasting money on replacing or renting assets. Avoid data entry mistakes and decrease the time you’d spend on manually tracking your tools and equipment. Take advantage of our robust reporting feature for valuable insights into exceptions and other needs. Conveniently download data via Excel or API.

You can track..

  • Computers, monitors and keyboards
  • Handheld devices
  • Medical equipments and apparatus
  • Machinery
  • Workman tools
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Baggage
  • Accessories


  • Customize quickly and easily
  • Track lease dates, service contract dates, and other administrative details
  • Choose optional texting
  • Reap benefits with geolocation and geofencing
  • Run robust reports and export via Excel
  • Track equipment on the map
  • Track results with the Dashboard/Portal
  • Download data to your system via API
  • Scan without limits
  • Manage multiple locations
  • Reasonable Subscription rates
  • No Hardware, RFID or Chip needed
  • Download the free mobile app


  • Create and print the custom QR code with Unique ID (using a license plate number, for example)
  • Label your equipment
  • Customize the alerts like Lease Ending, Contract Dates, Service calls.
  • Scan the code or enter the ID to track the equipment’s current location